Warriors to Work program helps veterans find jobs during COVID-19 pandemic

Program helps veterans, families find civilian employment

SAN ANTONIO – During the COVID-19 pandemic millions of Americans have lost their jobs and can’t find employment. Cities around the country have created programs to help people get back on their feet, but what about veterans?

There is a program called Warriors to Work which has a mission to make sure veterans can get back to work.

“Less than one percent of the population here in the United States do serve. So I’m happy to be among those who have given their time and energy to a life of service for you,” Navy veteran Charnelle Chin said.

Charnelle Chin served with the United States Navy and after her service she moved to San Antonio.

"I went back to school to finish my masters with St. Mary’s here. And so at the end of that, that was quite scary for me, especially with the pandemic,” Chin said.

Charnelle’s job offer was revoked.

I reached out to the Warriors to Work program through the Wounded Warrior project, and they have a lot of connections with employers. They provide job coaching, networking skills, especially during the pandemic. They’re hosting a lot of virtual information sessions with employers,” Chin said.

Warriors to Work has been around for about 13 years and they average finding about 2,000 veteran jobs every year.

We’re actually finding that there are many key employers that we built relationships with that are still willing to hire and are hiring. We’ve actually put since about mid-March, we’ve put over 800 workers and their families to work, resulting in about $40 million worth of salary,” Michael Loubert, Warriors to Work regional director at Wounded Warrior Project said.

The program works with any post 9/11 veterans and their families to help find civilian employment, whether that’s for the underemployed where people are looking to change positions, or just looking for employment in general.

People that are ready to work and that’s it. We’re really here for everybody,” Loubert said.

Through Warrior to Work Charnelle was able to land an interview with Amazon where she is now employed, and Charnelle has a piece of advice for any veterans who need help right now.

“To veterans and family members of veterans, you are not alone. And all hope is not lost. Help is available through the Wounded Warrior project. And there are ways to work programs,” Chin said.

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