Houston woman seen kicking dog in viral video says it was self defense

Woman said the dog attacked her 5-year-old son, now she’s getting death threats

HOUSTON – A woman in Houston who was seen in a recent viral video kicking and punching a dog says she is now getting threats from hundreds of strangers online, according to KPRC.

The woman, who is referred to as Jay in KPRC’s report, said she was just trying to protect her 5-year-old son who told her the dog jumped on him after he fell. Jay said she tried to move the dog but said it “came back again and scratched Jace behind the ear.”

The video that shows Jay punching and kicking the yelping dog was shared online by a California nonprofit group called the Kris Kelly Foundation which, according to the group’s Facebook page aims to “give dignity and a voice to the animals that need someone to do it for them.”

Jay said the dog jumped in her car which is where the video starts and that she doesn’t know who recorded the video.

She said the dog isn’t hers, according to KPRC, and that she hasn’t sent her son to school “after more than one person online threatened to kidnap him.”

Jay made a police report following the online threats and said a police officer told her that she likely won’t be facing charges.

Houston Police declined to comment on potential charges as it relates to the case.

Katie Fine, with the Houston Humane Society, told KPRC “unfortunately, it is something we see often, we get cruelty cases here a lot, once or twice per month."


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