What you should and shouldn’t write in an email

Experts weigh in on common mistakes many people make in work emails

SAN ANTONIO – Here are some things to think about when you write a work email. There are some important things to know to make sure you don’t write something you regret.

First, start off by taking out words like “just” or "actually. These words can make you sound apologetic or defensive.

Next, stop undermining yourself with qualifiers. An example of this would be “I’m not an expert, but...”

“Before you’ve even mentioned your points, you’ve already told them you’re not an expert,” says Lauren Mcgoodwin, Lauren McGoodwin of Career Contessa. “They don’t need to listen to what you have to say.” Instead, ask for their feedback on the subject.

Third, don’t say “does this make sense?” While you may have good intentions, it could come off as condescending or it suggests your email was confusing to follow.

Stop saying sorry when you’re not sorry! Mcgoodwin says using that word is one of those unconscious habits that many people formed over their lives. As an alternative, you can say “excuse me.”

Another thing to be mindful of is how many exclamation points you use. We get that you want to come off as nice, but sometimes it can come off as overly friendly.

Finally, delete anything that isn’t necessary. It’s best to keep the email as concise.