How two nonprofits are preparing for Fiesta 2021 after cancellation in 2020

Rescheduled Fiesta would have wrapped up this week

SAN ANTONIO – Rescheduled for Nov. 5-15, Fiesta was supposed to be wrapping up this week, until it was finally decided to cancel it until next year due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We worked so hard to be ready to go last April and for November. So, yeah, emotionally that’s hard,” said Gardner Peavy, vice marshal of the Texas Cavaliers, the nonprofit that stages the Fiesta River Parade.

Steve Rosenauer, executive director of the Fiesta San Antonio Commission, said, “It definitely hurts not to be able to do Fiesta.”

Even so, they said, their organizations are still actively trying to fulfill their commitments to the other nonprofits that rely on money generated by Fiesta events.

Rosenauer said as it is, a recent study shows Fiesta’s overall economic impact is $340.1 million.

Yet now, he said the Fiesta San Antonio Foundation will begin a two-week fundraising campaign, Because of San Antonio.

He said to help provide the operational support for the different organizations that stage Fiesta, “We do need the support of the public to bring in dollars as well.”

He said from Nov. 16 to Dec. 1, the campaign will feature different organizations and various areas that are supported by Fiesta, using social media, videos of volunteers, partners, sponsors and royalty.

Peavy said thanks to its generous donors and sponsors, the Texas Cavaliers was still able to grant $2 million to almost 70 children’s charities, 95% of them in San Antonio.

He said, “A quote from our commander is you don’t stop giving when it’s the hardest to give.”

Besides the money, he said Texas Cavaliers is providing the charities with advice about marketing and social media.

“That’s empowering to them and, for sure, fulfilling for us,” Peavy said.

Both said they believe Fiesta will be back next year, but they’re also planning for “what if.”

“We definitely want to make sure that we’re ahead of the game, having different options as we get closer to April,” Rosenauer said.

Peavy said, “In our minds, it will happen and we’re excited to do that. And, if things change, we’ll adjust.”

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