‘It’s going to be the best Thanksgiving ever’: COVID-19 survivor arrives home after four-month long hospital stay

Quinn Britt’s battle with COVID-19 brought him to the brink of death, but his family welcomed him just in time for the holidays

SAN ANTONIO – COVID-19 changed Quinn Britt’s outlook on life after a four-month stay in the hospital after testing positive for the virus in July.

Britt said he was unsure how he got COVID-19. However, soon after he tested positive, he began to have trouble breathing and was rushed to North Central Baptist Hospital, where he was later admitted.

“I took a picture and posted on Facebook of my feet and said, ‘Well, I finally know someone with COVID. It’s me,’” Britt said.

Britt said it was the last thing he remembered before he was intubated. His wife, Sheila, said he had no preexisting health conditions, but things began to look grim.

Britt was placed in a coma for several weeks, and his family could only see him through Facetime.

Sheila began to fear the worst.

“He would die, and we wouldn’t be there with him, and we couldn’t be there to comfort him,” she said.

However, Britt’s health began to improve. Sometime later, he woke up in the ICU in late August.

A short time after that, he was reunited with his wife.

“That was a good reconciliation after 27 days of not being with him,” Sheil said.

Britt was welcomed home from the hospital just one day before Thanksgiving. His family told KSAT they have been in self-isolation for months and leaning on their faith to get them to this moment.

Britt still has trouble walking and has lost mobility in his left hand. However, he still hopes others take COVID-19 seriously as cases in Bexar County continue to rise.

“You don’t hear about us lucky enough for us to survive, but survive with lots of complications,” he said.

Quinn is happy to be home and said he has more to be grateful for this holiday.

“It’s going to be the best Thanksgiving ever. There’s no doubt,” he said.

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