Eligible educators can deduct out-of-pocket expenses for COVID-19 protective items used in classroom, IRS says

IRS says items include face masks, hand soap, other CDC recommended materials to prevent spread

SAN ANTONIO – If you’re an educator filing a tax return this year, you may be eligible to deduct unreimbursed expenses for COVID-19 protective items used in the classroom.

The IRS says these items include but are not limited to face masks, disinfectants for use against COVID-19, hand soap, hand sanitizer, disposable gloves or other things recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The educator expense deduction applies to eligible educators for unreimbursed expenses paid or incurred after March 12, 2020, for the COVID-19 protective items.

The IRS says eligible educators include any individual who is a kindergarten through 12th grade teacher, instructor, counselor, principal or aide in a school for at least 900 hours during a school year.

The IRS will allow educators to deduct up to $250 of qualifying expenses per year. If you’re married and filing jointly with a spouse who is also an eligible educator, the deduction goes up to $500 but caps at $250 for each.

The IRS says the deduction applies to expenses paid or incurred only during the tax year.

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