Nonprofit debuts 10 new murals across downtown San Antonio

Pabst Brewing Co. and San Antonio Street Art team up to create art

SAN ANTONIO – Local artists are teaming up to help San Antonio snag the title as Largest Outdoor Gallery in Texas.

In partnership with Pabst Brewing Company, the artist-led nonprofit San Antonio Street Art will debut 10 new murals this weekend.

After announcing their move from Los Angeles back to San Antonio, Pabst Brewing Company reached out to the nonprofit to create the new murals.

“They were able to help us sponsor 10 murals across San Antonio, and we decided, well, let’s connect the two creative neighborhoods that we have,” Shek Vega, president of San Antonio Street Art said.

The purpose, according to organizers, is to connect creative neighborhoods, provide the community with different forms of street art and provide a future for artists.

“This is a way to build community pride, keep our artists here, get them working and let them know that they can build their careers,” Vega said.

The artwork will debut Saturday afternoon during the nonprofit’s official art walk.

“It’s called ‘The Mural Connection’ (and it) gets people up and out,” Vega said. “They can register and RSVP (on our website) to get a site map. So, with that map gets everybody out, moving, cycling, walking or however you decide to enjoy the art.”