Neighbors hope city addresses problematic curve after SUV crashes into home, injuring child

Neighbors say the mother removed her baby from his crib moments before the SUV crashed through the bedroom

Neighbors hope city addresses problematic curve after SUV crashes into home, injuring child
Neighbors hope city addresses problematic curve after SUV crashes into home, injuring child

San Antonio – Neighbors living along East Southcross, where an SUV crashed through a home and injured a child overnight, are hoping for a police crackdown on speeders.

The crash sent both the driver, who was ejected from the SUV, and the child, 9, to the hospital in serious condition.

“I just heard a loud bang and then the screeching,” said one neighbor who asked not to be identified. “Then to see the sight of the little boy withering around in the bed made me sad. He was crying and screaming about his arm and shoulder, but they wouldn’t let him move because they didn’t know how bad he was hurt.”

Another neighbor who asked not to be identified said glass shattered through her home.

“His bumper flew into my bedroom window,” she said. “I was laying down. The glass got me. I rolled over and fell onto the floor. Hurt my wrist and then I ran to check on my daughter.”

She said when she ran outside, she saw the driver laying in her yard but her biggest fear was when she saw her neighbor.

“He was barely moving but he wasn’t speaking,” she said. “Then my neighbor came out crying, ‘My babies! My babies!’ She hugged me and I am holding onto her and I am like, ‘Where are your babies?’ She said, ‘Right there!’ When I looked, all I could see was their heads crying and barely moving around.”

The neighbors said they believe this could have been avoided if there were safety measures in place for the problematic curve.

“I have lived here for several years and this is the third time this has happened,” said one neighbor. “The other two times, someone died. I am grateful those babies made it out safely. The mom had just picked her baby up out of the crib before the truck crashed through.”

They said they hope the city looks at ways to protect those living near the curve.

“I saw a sign in another neighborhood that I think said it best,” said one neighbor. “‘Drive like your kids live here.’ There needs to be something like a barrier or something that could stop a crash like this from happening because people speed around that curve and they don’t even think about the people who live here. We also need to have more patrol is what it is. They need to have patrol down here and they need to have patrol over there. It is ridiculous.”

District 3 Councilwoman Phyllis Viagran released this statement in response to the concerns of her residents:

“The event that took place early this morning is unfortunate. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family. I will follow up with Chief McManus and Public Works as we continue to look into this matter. Drivers, please stay aware and vigilant on the roads to ensure the safety of others and yourself. I would like to make sure residents know the District 3 Town Hall is taking place Saturday, July 31st at 9 a.m. at Hangar 9 on the Brooks campus. We will make sure neighbors know who to contact and which city departments can help find the best solutions to matters like these.”

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Japhanie Gray is a reporter with KSAT12 News.