What are some things that feel ‘weird’ now due to the pandemic? Reddit users weigh in.

If you are feeling like many of the things you did pre-COVID feel odd to do now, you’re not alone

Generic image of people gathered at a table wearing face masks. (August de Richelieu, pexels)

It’s been a tumultuous two years since the COVID-19 pandemic changed many aspects of our everyday life. From going to the store to getting a bite to eat, we’ve had to evolve many of our pre-pandemic habits.

If you are feeling like many of the things you did pre-COVID feel odd to do now, you’re not alone. Buzzfeed compiled answers from a Reddit thread that posed the question, “What normal things pre-COVID feel weird now?”

This is what some Reddit users had to say:

  1. “Sharing drinks with people. I use to never think twice of drinking after someone.” - u/gas_turbine_mechanic
  2. “Knowing what the lower half of faces look like. I imagine my own version, and then I see them without a mask and I get a sort of dissonance.” - u/Bingo_is_my_name_o
  3. “Coughing/Sneezing in public.”- u/ineedadownpayment
  4. “Buffets.” - u/NextFaithlessness471
  5. “Going to an empty drive thru and quickly getting fast food.” u/ulethpsn
  6. “Opening the door for the pizza delivery man. I love being able to have my food left at the door.” u/mtpockets4u
  7. “Going to browse around a store for no reason. I won’t go to stores anymore unless there’s something in particular I need.” u/Deondebomon
  8. ”Going anywhere you want without thinking about it.” - u/Aruaz821
  9. “Blowing on a cake to take out the candles and then giving it to other people.” - u/Lucky_Wolf_03
  10. “Flying.” - U/MonkeyDeltaFoxtrot

What’s something that feels weird to you now? Let us know in the comments below.

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