‘We are only humans trying to pass’: People from different faiths pray for immigration reform

A mass was held Thursday evening at the San Fernando Cathedral

SAN ANTONIO – Hundreds of people were gathered in prayer inside the San Fernando Cathedral on Thursday evening, mourning the deaths of 53 migrants inside of a tractor-trailer.

People from different countries and different faiths were united to remember the people who died and are hoping local leaders will take action.

“They are beloved by God and they deserve to be mourned even though we may not ever know their names,” Pastor Katy Miles-Wallace said.

One migrant, Jose Prinn, said he relates to the victims and survivors of Monday’s tragedy because he almost drowned crossing into Texas.

“God saved me,” Prinn said.

Prinn said he is sad because the people who died in Monday’s tragedy only had hope for their families.

“The birds do not need passports to migrate. This land belongs to God. We are only human beings trying to pass,” Prinn said.

Prinn is now at Corazon Ministries helping migrants and the homeless. He was a science professor in his home country of Venezuela.

The loss of 53 people brought tears to Robert Rodriguez’s eyes.

“It just breaks my heart to see what our brothers and sisters have gone through,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez and Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller both called on local leaders to take action.

“We include our leaders of state and country to work for comprehensive immigration reform. In over four years, nothing substantial has been done... It’s urgent we pray in gods mercy something will happen,” Garcia-Siller said.

He said he has not seen any substantial immigration reform since he became a religious leader in 1980.

About the Authors:

Joe Arredondo is a photojournalist at KSAT 12.