Flight cancellations continue across Texas, travelers try to navigate changes

Majority of flights cancelled were Southwest, American Airlines

SAN ANTONIO – Flights continue to get cancelled or delayed across Texas, including flights at the San Antonio International Airport.

On Wednesday morning, travelers were trying to navigate all the changes.

“I was hoping it wouldn’t happen, because Austin is worse right now,” Roland Badillo Jr., a traveler, said.

Badillo traveled to San Antonio from Austin in the hopes of catching his vacation flight to Mexico City.

“Because of the weather conditions, they said they cancelled,” Badillo said.

Badillo was traveling through Volaris.

“I just had to switch airlines and get another airline. I’ll be leaving in about four hours,” Badillo said.

Other travelers said they were changing their connecting flights and avoiding places like Dallas, where the winter weather has hit hard.

A spokesperson for the San Antonio International Airport said they had more than 60 departures and arrivals cancelled, plus over 40 delayed flights.

Badillo hopes to start his vacation soon.

“I hear in the news, pack your patience. Well, okay,” Baddilo said.

A majority of the flights cancelled from San Antonio are from Southwest Airlines and American Airlines.

Southwest Airlines says their operational planner continue monitoring the weather system and making adjustments as necessary.

American Airlines has not responded to our request.

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