City of Uvalde refiles lawsuit against Uvalde County District Attorney; mayor alleges ‘cover-up’

Mayor McLaughlin: DA Christina Mitchell ‘should resign immediately’

UVALDE – The City of Uvalde has filed a second lawsuit against Uvalde County District Attorney Christina Mitchell alleging that she’s been involved in a “cover-up” and not cooperating with the city’s investigation into the massacre at Robb Elementary in May 2022.

In a statement, Mayor Don McLaughlin alleges that Mitchell has “refused to provide the city with all the information” that has been requested by independent investigator Jesse Prado.

“Christina Mitchell should resign immediately,” McLaughlin wrote in a statement. “Since day one, we have called for transparency from every agency that was there that day.”

KSAT has reached out to Mitchell’s office and has not heard back.

The city hired Prado in July 2022 to investigate the shooting and failed response — specifically, the actions of Uvalde Police Department personnel.

McLaughlin alleges that Mitchell’s chief investigator, Shayne Gilland, was “onsite on May 24 at Robb School” and cites that as the reason Mitchell is continuing to block the city’s investigation.

However, according to the House Investigative Committee Report released this summer, no one from the district attorney’s office is listed as having responded to the deadly shooting.

The city originally filed a lawsuit in December regarding the release of records for an independent investigation of the Uvalde Police Department.

At the time, McLaughlin said it would take anywhere from 60 to 90 days to complete.

“The initial lawsuit was dismissed because of the D.A. Mitchell promising to cooperate with the City and Mr. Prado in providing the specific information he advised the D.A. he needed,” McLaughlin’s statement reads. “She failed, once again, to keep her word.”

The Uvalde Mayor claims that Mitchell is withholding materials like body camera video and audio from all responding law enforcement agencies, which means Prado’s investigation cannot move forward.

“I kept quiet for the last 60 days 70 days. You didn’t hear me say anything negative about it, hoping that we would resolve this and we didn’t,” McLaughlin said in December.

In previous statements, Mitchell has said the release of the information would impact her criminal investigation into the May 24 shooting.

“It’s been fifteen months since this tragedy, and I feel the families and our community deserve answers,” McLaughlin’s statement reads.

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