After a summer of record heat, an SA service company says A/C repair requests are up

One business worries after a summer of struggles with its A/C unit how likely it’ll be able to bounce back to business.

SAN ANTONIO – Vincent Guererro said during a time when business at his coffee shop, Vice Versa Coffee & Vinyl Records, should have been heating up, things started to slow down.

“Our A/C unit is 23 years old,” Guererro said. “When it went out, it just happened at the worst possible time.”

In June, the coffee shop’s A/C broke down. Guererro said he had to close for multiple days because it was too hot to work inside the building.

He said it took weeks before all the parts were ordered and installed.

It’s a common sight this summer, as A/C repair technicians report that the number of calls from customers on emergency repairs was significantly up.

“We were running double what we would normally run,” Christopher Moore, a service professional with Jon Wayne Service Company, said.

Moore said now, at the end of September, turnaround is a lot faster than it was during the peak of summer repairs in July and August.

He said technicians are just now catching up from the summer backlog. They’re now focusing efforts on tune-ups ahead of the change in seasons.

“Now is actually the time where we’re going up and doing a tune-up, moving in the wintertime, making sure our systems are safe and efficient,” Moore said. “They call it preventative maintenance. You want somebody to come out and check the system.”

Guererro said he hopes his shot at keeping his storefront running isn’t over now that his A/C unit is working again.

“I’ll give absolutely everything I got. Take it all. I don’t care as long as this is open,” Guererro said.

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