Shades of Christmas greet Thanksgiving travelers at San Antonio’s airport

Crews worked all night Monday to decorate airport terminals

SAN ANTONIO – With images of Thanksgiving day dinners on their minds, travelers moving through San Antonio International Airport suddenly found themselves in the Christmas spirit.

Teams of workers began hanging garland and wreaths throughout the airport terminals Monday night, finishing up just in time for the morning rush.

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San Antonio’s airport and others across the country are in the midst of what is expected to be one of the busiest Thanksgiving holiday travel seasons on record.

Wet weather in other parts of the country, meanwhile, had some travelers locally worrying and wondering whether it might cause delays for them.

“A little bit but we’re excited,” said Sophia Safri. “But we’re still going to go.”

Safri and her family were headed to Vancouver Tuesday morning for a non-traditional celebration.

“We don’t have family there. We’re just going for Thanksgiving, for a vacation,” she said.

While they will be on foreign ground, many others were headed to more familiar territories. They planned to spend the holiday with those who they love.

“Just go back to Phoenix and enjoy family, I guess,” said Thomas Fisher, who had traveled to San Antonio for a wedding.

His wife, Connie Fisher, said she is looking forward to having a Thanksgiving meal back in their home state.

“My son, Louis, is a good cook. He’s a retired marine,” she said.

They held onto their dinner dreams while surrounded by images of yet another holiday.

The couple couldn’t help but notice the Christmas tree, decked out in blue and silver bows and baubles, right next to them. “Oh, it’s so beautiful. I love it. Gorgeous,” Connie Fisher said.

The decorations are the work of the staff at an East Side business, A Dreamweaver Florist.

The owner, Terry Martin, said about ten employees spent the past two weeks or so, creating each adornment by hand.

“It takes a lot of good manpower and people who are experienced and know what they’re doing. And I have a great team,” Martin said.

This is the fifth year his company has dressed up the airport for Christmas.

With help from airport employees, they hung garland and wreaths and putting up other Yuletide displays throughout all areas accessed by travelers.

“It’s a good feeling to know that people are coming from all parts of the earth, the countries. They get to come to San Antonio and see what we do in San Antonio and celebrate Christmas,” Martin said.

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