MMA fighters take down man who opened fire at Texas restaurant

Fighter said it ‘was just quick instincts’

Shooter taken down by 2 fighters at Ra Sushi in Highland Village, police say

HOUSTON – Two MMA fighters took down a gunman who opened fire inside a Houston restaurant on Monday night, according to media reports.

Witnesses told reporters that the fighters quickly subdued the 24-year-old suspect and took his gun away, according to KPRC, KSAT’s sister station in Houston.

The incident happened at RA Sushi in Highland Village at 11:30 p.m., when between 40 and 50 people were dining inside.

At one point, the suspect was near the bar and fired one shot in the air, hitting the ceiling.

One of the men, Patrick Robinson from Dallas, said they first heard a “boom” and saw customers start to run.

“We just quickly hopped on it, got to the shooter, got him down,” Robinson told KPRC. “He had a backpack on him. We got the backpack away from him because we didn’t know what was in the backpack. And pretty much everything went well from there.”

Robinson told KHOU that due to his training in mixed martial arts, it “was just quick instincts.”

The fighters were able to hold him until the police arrived. Police said no one was injured.

KPRC reported that the suspect had narcotics on him at the time. He is likely facing charges of possession of a stolen gun and illegally firing a gun in a municipality, police said.

He was not immediately identified by police.

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