Proper care for contact lenses: What you may be doing wrong

SAN ANTONIO – Forty million people in the U.S. wear contacts, but do they know how to take care of their lenses properly?

According to a recent study put out by the Center for Disease Control, apparently not. Almost one-third of all contact lens-users have reported painful eye issues to their eye doctors.

These eye issues are often caused by simple contact care mistakes.

Dr. Teresa Trevino Whitney, an ophthalmologist with the San Antonio Eye Center, explained some of the behavior that put eyes at risk for infection.

“Some of these risky behaviors are topping off the solution, sleeping or napping in contacts, or not replacing the contact lens case as often is as recommended, which is at least once every three months,” Whitney said.

Eye infections are easily preventable.

Some tips to remember: always wash your hands before handling contacts, remember to clean your contacts and lens case with disinfecting solution, and never sleep or nap in your contacts.

Another tip is to avoid showering or swimming with your contacts in.

“You do not want to mix contacts with water,” Whitney warned.

Following those simple steps in your contact care routine will help keep your eyes healthy and prevent infections.

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