Imperfect Produce: Finding a Home for "Ugly" Produce Everywhere

Beauty on the inside is what matters, especially when it comes to produce


Imperfect Produce - Saving Ugly Produce and the World

Imperfect Produce works to fight food waste by taking the fruits that are not accepted by grocery stores for cosmetic reasons and delivering them. The company sources their food from hardworking farmers in order to support them financially. From there, they create a customized box of either fruits, vegetables, both, or all organic food. After sending the customized order, they also attach a story about the package saying where it came from and why it is ugly. 


Imperfect Produce has saved 30 Million pounds of food, 900 million gallons of water, 12 million dollars spent on groceries, 91 million pounds of C02. Isn't it amazing what keeping ugly looking food can do for the planet? To start making your impact, you can sign up today!