How to survive cedar allergy season

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SAN ANTONIO – Are you struggling with mountain cedar allergies?

Mountain cedar is in full effect until late February, and for most people in South Texas, this can be the worst time of the year for allergies.

"Mountain cedar has a protein that is really irritating to the human immune system. It's just a bad pollen in general," said David Gude, chief medical officer at Texas MedClinic. "There are a lot of options in terms of things you can do for yourself at home (concerning allergies)." 

Cedar remedies that work: 

  • Allegra Allergy.
  • Zyrtex Allergy.
  • Claritin 24-hour, non-drowsy.
  • Nasacort Allergy 24-hour nasal allergy spray.
  • Sudafed PE Congestion, sinus.
  • Mucinex.
  • Benadryl Allergy.

"The best thing for medication is antihistamine," Gude said. "I brought three examples -- Allegra Allergy, Zyrtex Allergy and Claritin 24-hour non-drowsy. These are all non-sedating. You can take all of these once a day. I don't recommend that you take decongestants on a regular basis if you have allergies." 

When over-the-counter medication doesn't work anymore:

"Come and get a (steroid) shot or get pills from us or from your allergist," said Gude. 

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Information courtesy of Texas MedClinic. 

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