BiblioTech Public Library connects Bexar County residents with free digital resources

Content online is available 24/7

Connection with others is more important than ever right now, and one way to connect to the world is through reading.

Bexar County BiblioTech, an all-digital library that is free, started as the first bookless library in the world. BiblioTech is free for all Bexar County residents, employees and taxpayers.

A library card allows you to check out ebooks, audiobooks, magazines, newspapers, music and movies. BiblioTech offers active learning through free access to Lynda.com, Mango Languages, Treehouse and Universal Class.

Toyota is helping to spread awareness about BiblioTech in its partnership to serve the community during the pandemic.

“It was really an innovative way for us to serve our community, and Toyota saw the potential of the program,” said Sandy Nott, vice president of Administration and Production Control. “The focus on technology and community-based activity was very important to us.”

All of the BiblioTech content and collections online are available 24/7.

“You can imagine in today’s connected world the ability to access the internet affects everything we do, whether its health care, quality education or just simply job hunting,” Nott said. “Unfortunately, there’s a gap in such access with a digital divide, if you will, that’s more prevalent in underserved communities, and BiblioTech reaches out to people so they don’t get left behind."

To learn more about BiblioTech, click or tap here.

Toyota is also a part of KSAT 12′s Day of the Dead virtual river parade, which will air from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Friday.

To learn more about Day of the Dead, click here to see KSAT 12′s page.