How to stretch out your kids’ clothes to make them last longer & other back-to-school tips

Master crafter Adeina Anderson shares budget-friendly hacks for parents to get kids ready for the school year

All you need are scraps and a little fabric tape to get a little more wear out of your kids' clothes. Watch the video for more back-to-school budget saving tips from Adeina Anderson.

SAN ANTONIO – All you need are a few scraps and a little fabric tape to get more wear out of your kids’ clothes. Adeina Anderson from Creative Lifestyles with Adeina shares budget-saving tips for the new school year.

Tip 1: Stretch those clothes!

If your child’s T-shirts are too short, add some flannel or eyelet lace to the bottom. Bam! You have a brand new shirt that nobody else has and you don’t have to spend a lot of money. You can do it with pants and shorts, too. Bonus tip: Use fabric tape to adhere it instead of sewing and it will be even easier.

Tip 2: Get those must-have items.

These days, students need water bottles, no matter what age they are. A lot of parents are looking for water bottles with a handle so they can be attached to backpacks with carabiners.

Bento boxes are all the rage. They separate food and fit right into your kid’s lunch box with little to no muss or fuss. Bonus tip: Snag one that comes with its own utensils that attach right onto the box.

Motivational stickers will give your young students a boost when they’re heading to class. You can stick them on the bathroom mirror in the morning, your kid’s lunch box, backpack, wherever they’ll notice them.

Tip 3: Pack non-perishables for snack time.

If your child is in an extra-curricular activity after school, you’re going to need to pack snacks that won’t melt in the hot South Texas sun. Anderson suggests packing dried fruit, nuts, water bottles, juice boxes and granola bars. It will give your kids a little more energy to get them through the day until dinnertime.

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