'Breaking Bad' star Bryan Cranston dared to slap Tony Parker's butt for $100

Parker ends night as team's second leading scorer with 18 points

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PHILADELPHIA – If you were dared to slap Spurs superstar Tony Parker’s butt for $100, would you do it?

Film director M. Night Shyamalan dared actor Bryan Cranston to give Parker a “good-game” pat during Wednesday night’s Spurs game against the Philadelphia 76ers.

Before the commercial break during the third quarter, the Spurs point guard bent over on the sidelines with cameras catching the pair in the act right behind Parker.

The "Breaking Bad" star is currently in Philadelphia filming “The Untouchables,” - an adaption of the 2011 French comedy “The Intouchables” – with co-star and Philly native Kevin Hart.

Cranston spent his night sitting courtside with Shyamalan, also a Philly native. Shyamalan tweeted: “Heading to the @Sixers game with a friend. So excited!”

NBA on ESPN tweeted: “Bryan Cranston – Emmy-winner… and still a kid at heart,” and the Spurs' Twitter account followed with its own knee-slapper.

Cranston later tweeted that Shyamalan “bet me a hundy I wouldn’t slap Tony Parker’s” rear end.

Parker’s performance might have earned him a “good-game” slap, ending the night as the team’s second leading scorer with 18 points, but don’t expect Cranston to be handing out more slaps at other Sixers games.

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