Houston residents share stories of heroism

People have rallied to help their neighbors

HOUSTON – As the rain continued to fall on the Bayou City on Tuesday, acts of heroism kept shining through the storm.

People in the affected areas have witnessed numerous volunteer rescues that have led to saving the lives of people who called for help.

“I don’t think anybody not in Houston understands the magnitude of the devastation,” Jose Olvera said. 

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He has been one of those people. He used his kayak to help rescue people.

“They weren’t expecting it. A lot of them thought they could get through,” Olvera said. “I went house-to-house to see if they need help. Most people were OK but some people weren’t ready for it.”

In the Woodlawn Heights community, streets were littered with abandoned cars and trucks. 

“Saturday night, I think it started about 3 o’clock, the heavens opened up and dumped rain,” resident Rob Schmidt said.

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“Everybody in the neighborhood was saying, 'What do we do? What do we do?'”

Another man said he saw a truck on fire as it was floating down the street. Luckily, the driver was rescued.

Despite the challenges ahead, the spirit of these Texans and their willingness to help each other is stronger than any storm. 

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“We will live through this. It’s the way Houston spirit is. We will rebuild. We will clean up. Then we’ll say ‘We lived through Hurricane Harvey,’” Schmidt said.