Kingwood residents return home to begin cleanup from Harvey aftermath

Workers from San Antonio in Kingwood to help pick up debris


KINGWOOD, Texas – Residents in Kingwood are finally returning home to begin the demolition and cleanup of everything destroyed by floodwaters.

Dozens of homes in Kingwood were damaged with some receiving six-to-seven feet of water.

"Boy if you don't have faith, you better get some because it's the only thing that will help you smile," said Kingwood resident Mary Beth Philipp.

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Philipp has lived in Kingwood for almost 40 years. She never imagined the water would rise so fast.

Some residents had to be rescued while others made their way out of high water on their own.

"This just clarifies our priorities," said Phillip. "This is just stuff and really, when are we going to figure that out."

Philipp, along with several others who live along Palisade Falls Trail, have been cleaning out their homes, piling debris along the street.

In another show of support from across the state, the City of San Antonio on Monday sent workers and about 50 dump trucks to pick up the debris for residents.

"What I think is more incredible is how people just show up and are just tearing into it, it's really heartwarming," said Paul Hartnett, who is helping his brother clean.  

Cleanup crews will be in Kingwood assisting residents until all debris is removed.

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