Carrizo Springs residents enjoy snow day

Students released early due to safety reasons

CARRIZO SPRINGS, Texas – Snow covered the city of Carrizo Springs and residents were overjoyed, many experiencing snow for the first time ever.

Less than an inch of snowfall was reported in the city. And all it took was that little bit of snow for the residents’ holiday season to kick into full gear.

Some residents called the winter wonderland Thursday morning a miracle.

As the school district released students early due to safety reasons, Lupe Contreras took advantage to spend some time with her grandchild.

“We want to go home and make a snowman,” Contreras said.

Many residents stayed indoors and enjoyed warm meals, marveling at the snow outside.

“It’s a blessing. Some of our grandchildren have never seen snow. My 16-year-old granddaughter, she was actually crying because she had never seen real snow,” said Yolanda Guerrero, a Carrizo Springs resident.

Classes will resume Friday in Carrizo Springs.