Summer heat could have impact on future crops

Lack of rain and extreme heat affecting our crops

The extreme heat we are experiencing this summer isn’t just affecting us, it also has a huge impact on our crops.

“We were seeing the signs of heat stress and fruit loss and plants are just generally suffering and wilting by the afternoon,” said Josh McGinty, Associate Professor and Extension Specialist in the Department of Soil and Crop Sciences at Texas A&M University.

The biggest crops we see harvested in South Texas in summer are cotton, corn and grain sorghum. McGinty expects the yields from these crops to be average this year. Next year is a concern.

McGinty says after these crops are harvested, rain is needed to help recharge the soil for the next planting season. If the soil isn’t moist, it will be hard for crops to grow and survive.

“Farmers spend a lot of money upfront on a growing season and they have no idea how it’s going to shake out in two weeks or a months-time,” McGinty said.

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