Does it work? KSAT anchors try out ‘My Pillow'

Ads on TV say pillow is life-changing, but is it?

SAN ANTONIO – The advertisements on TV promise a life-changing sleep if you purchase the “My Pillow.” KSAT consumer reporter Marilyn Moritz rounded up a couple of familiar faces to see if the pillow stands up to the claims.

Both intrigued and skeptical, David Sears and Leslie Mouton each got a pillow and put them to the test for two nights.

“(It) feels a little softer than what I have at home,” Sears said.

The packaging claims the pillow adjusts to any sleep position with its patented interlocking fill and promises for a cooling night’s sleep.

“The most important thing to me, right now, is the built-in cooling effect,” Mouton said.

Internet reviews vary: some rave about the pillow, others loathe it.

The pillow comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, but customers will have to pay for return shipping.

After two nights, we asked our anchors what they thought.

“I love this pillow. Blew my mind!” Mouton said. “I had the best night’s sleep, I can’t explain why (but) it supports everything just right.”

Sears did not quite go that far: “To be perfectly honest with you, I don’t know how it felt because I was asleep.” But it is probably safe to say he gives the pillow his seal of approval. “I am not sure you are getting it back,” he explained to Moritz.