Too much stuff? What to do with your unwanted items

Some business may pay for unwanted books; charities another option

By Marilyn Moritz - Reporter, Ivan Herrera - Web Producer

SAN ANTONIO - Have too much stuff and have no idea what do with it? Fear not, some places will take your unwanted items and some will even pay you for them.

Charities such as Goodwill accept your clothing, and it can’t sell or repair will get recycled into cleaning cloths for industrial buyers.

Looking to make some space on your bookshelf? compares dozens of book-buying websites to find the one that will pay the most for your titles. And if you have some textbooks adding some weight to your backpack, you may be able to make some money off of them at

Small appliances in good condition can find a new home through the local Habitat for Humanity ReStore, Vietnam Veterans of America or other charities.

Selling sports equipment, small furniture or instruments on Craigslist is easier than eBay because there are no shipping costs, but sellers should take precautions when meeting strangers.

If you have a mattress collecting dust, find out if any local shelters or charities will take them, rather than hauling it to your nearest landfill. And bed linens and towels can go to any number of charities, but if they’re worn, try donating them to an animal shelter.

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