Ex-detective spars with police internal affairs investigators on why he chased suspect

SAN ANTONIO – Detective Leroy Medlin was interviewed by internal affairs investigators regarding alleged violations of police protocol that ultimately led to an indefinite suspension, which is the San Antonio Police Department's equivalent of firing.

The full audio can be heard here:

Medlin contends he felt he was almost run over by a suspect. However, after reviewing video from Medlin's patrol vehicle and body-worn camera, authorities said they believe he lied.

Below are excerpts from internal affairs audio that was shared with KSAT.

Investigator questions truthfulness of Medlin's allegation he was almost run over

Medlin: The administration is going off of videos.  I saw the videos myself. They weren't there at the time. That's how I perceived it. What I transmitted over the radio was how I perceived it. My perception is reality. So that's why I said what I said.

Interrogator: OK, did you feel you were in danger?

Medlin: Yes.

Investigator questions why Medlin pursued stolen vehicle

Interrogator: Are you allowed to pursue stolen vehicles?

Medlin: No.

Interrogator: So why did you initiate your part of the pursuit?

Medlin: I have a responsibility to go after these guys and my responsibility, also, according to policy is to notify a supervisor so they can make a determination.

Medlin challenges interrogator on usage of word 'initiate'

Medlin: You keep on using "initiate." I did not initiate that pursuit. Mr. Gooch did. I engaged in it after he initiated it.

Interrogator: No. Mr. Gooch initiated the fleeing of the police officer. You initiated the pursuit of Mr. Gooch.

Medlin: I'm sorry sir, I disagree.

Interrogator: OK.

Interrogator presses Medlin on why he did not immediately say he was almost run over by suspect

Interrogator: If you were in such danger Detective, by Mr. Gooch, when he sped away, because you only mention it after the supervisor says, "What else does he have?" It's almost like an afterthought because you didn't say anything about that in your initial transmissions. Can you tell me why?

Medlin: When I made that stop on the 37, I had already all these indicators this vehicle was stolen, this vehicle, this driver was making me nervous. Hence why I started articulating. If you review all my traffic stops you won't see what I did on that particular stop.

Interrogator questions level of danger Medlin was in

Interrogator: So you're standing next to a vehicle that just takes off..."

Medlin: Speeds off. Yes, I think that is dangerous.

Interrogator: So that is a given that that vehicle almost ran you over?

Medlin: It's a dangerous situation.

Interrogator: That's not what I'm saying, sir, because you told the sergeant that the vehicle almost ran you over. And you told me this is your perception. I'm asking you, again, describe for me how the vehicle almost ran you over, Detective."

Medlin: Yes sir, I think we would get into hypotheticals If I had to do -- "

Interrogator: Oh no. No detective. This is not a hypothetical."

Medlin: "He didn't (run me over), sir. I didn't say he did. I said almost."

Interrogator: "Yes you did. You said that he almost ran you over."

Medlin: "Right, right, that's true."

Interrogator: Obviously he didn't run you over, Detective, because you weren't injured and you weren't run over.

Medlin: Right, that's true.

Interrogator asks Medlin to describe how suspect almost ran him over

Interrogator: "Describe to me how he almost ran you over! Because I'll be honest with you. The sergeant didn't see that on the COBAN. I don't see it on the COBAN."

Medlin: "I will admit sir, that the perception and the perspective you get from these cameras is not the same as a live human being standing there out there in the field. It's easy in hindsight from where everybody else was sitting to see that camera. I was there and I experienced it way different than anybody watching the video. That's all I have to say."

Detective reaches 106 mph in patrol vehicle

Interrogator: Did you feel that it was absolutely necessary to go 106 mph? 'Cause you're monitoring the pursuit. Right?

Medlin: Yes, sir.

Interrogator: So you knew exactly where they're at? Or damn near, right? You know where they're at because you're monitoring the CAD system, you're listening to the radio and then everything else? You're monitoring where the pursuit is, right?"

Medlin: Yes sir.

Interrogator: OK, so you had to go 106 mph to get to Goliad?

Medlin: Well 'cause I took so long debriefing everybody, they were already kind of ahead, so when I got back on there, and I was like, you know what, I think -- because, remember, I thought they were going to go further south or something. When I saw that they were starting to head north, I was, like, "Now I got to catch up, just in case they come this way."

Interrogator: But you didn't have permission to catch up, detective.

About the Authors:

Tim Gerber is an investigative reporter and anchor on the KSAT Defenders team.