Enjoy the outdoors and camp anywhere with this pop-up car tent

Keep the bugs out while enjoying spring and summer.
Keep the bugs out while enjoying spring and summer. (Mogics)

Camping in your car has definitely become a thing. What with easily removable seats and conversion options for vehicles of all sizes, you don’t have to do the traditional RV or tent-hauling camping style anymore. But if you could do it with just a little more room, this pop-up car tent provides you with additional camping space attached to your car for sleeping, resting, and eating.

Give yourself some extra space with the CARSULE Pop-Up Cabin For Your Car. The CARSULE adds about 6.5 feet in height and 6 feet depth to create a separate room off your vehicle. Use for sleeping or living combined with your open vehicle’s back seat.

It’s also great for a day at the lake or beach to avoid sun and bugs when not out on the water. Shelter from the heat of the day in the UV protective-coated CARSULE and then get back out to your favorite activities. You’ll have protection from wet areas with the waterproof flooring covered by a felt carpet for your comfort.

It’s simple to line up with your vehicle’s upswinging tailgate. When open, the tailgate is part of the structural support of the tent. Attach diagonal tension lines for support on the ceiling.

No need to worry about bugs when you secure the adaptive seal around the car, which can fit many models of station wagon or hatchback-style vehicles. Use the attached guy rope to stabilize even in open, windy areas. Secure with screw-in pegs.

The CARSULE had support before it even being on the market as a successful Kickstarter that received $17,700 in funding. The people got what they wanted—the CARSULE is now widely available.

And currently, it’s available for 20% off. The typically $379 CARSULE Pop-Up Cabin for Your Car is now just $299.99. If you’re getting ready for a summer in the woods or at the beach, give yourself a little more breathing room with the CARSULE car tent and snag this deal today.

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