Southside ISD proposes $59 million bond

Bond would benefit all levels of district

SAN ANTONIO – A year after pulling a $21 million bond off the May ballot, the Southside Independent School District is moving forward with a bigger bond. The district said it is needed for some expected growth.

The news came on the same night a state-appointed conservator was introduced to the district.

The $59 million bond focuses solely on facilities at all levels. District leaders said it’s needed as they expect another 1,000 students over the next two years.

Almost half of the money would go toward building a new pre-kinder and kindergarten campus, with some other money for improvements to four other elementary schools.

The district wants to use $17.5 million to help convert Losoya Intermediate into a true middle school. It currently serves fifth- and sixth-graders.

At the high school level, $5 million would go to improvements and expansion of the fine arts facilities, and $3 million would go to agriculture facilities, including a new barn.

If the bond passes, the new buildings would be ready to open in time for the 2018-2019 school year. This could be the last significant move by the current board.

In addition to having a conservator oversee the district, the Texas Education Agency will also appoint a new five-member board of managers, with a majority coming from residents in the district.