Amy Schumer Tackles Comedy and a Complicated Pregnancy in 'Expecting Amy' Trailer

(Hbo Max)

"This is a trailer for our HBO Max documentary about giving birth to a baby and a special and a marriage and a diagnosis and everything in between," Amy Schumer wrote on her socials alongside the preview for Expecting Amy.

The everything in between, as it were, is enough for 3 docu-episodes tracking Schumer's complicated pregnancy with her and husband Chris Fischer's son, Gene, as well as her simultaneously planning a new special, Growing, while continuing to tour.

Expecting Amy will show it all, bouncing from comedy clubs to hospital rooms with plenty of home video footage mixed in. (The doc hails from director Alexander Hammer, who also helmed Homecoming: A Film by Beyoncé.)

"I resent how much women have to suck it the f**k up and act like everything's fine," Schumer says in the trailer. "Women are such badasses. We're f**king warriors."

Expecting Amy is streaming on July 9 on HBO Max.

Expecting Amy


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