Video of dancing teens at gas station goes viral

Video has nearly 4 million views

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Jackson, Miss. – A video of a group of teenagers dancing at a gas station in Jackson, Mississippi has gone viral. It has nearly 4 million views on Facebook.

The teens are part of a dance troupe called StayTune ENT. They told WLBT that their public dance routines are spontaneous.

"If we don't have anything to do, we don't just go in the streets and get in trouble and all that kind of stuff. We just like to dance," troupe member Sheamus Tucker told WLBT.

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The gas station workers don't seem to mind. In fact, one employee told WLBT he's proud of the teens.

"I'd rather have young men out here doing something positive than out here robbing or stealing, doing crimes. Hey, you want to dance, dance," said Clifton Aldridge.

Watch the viral video:

Posted by Philip Murriel on Monday, June 4, 2018


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