'A hot dog is a taco:' Decoding food based on The Cube Rule

Washington Post reporter explains The Cube Rule, great debates

SAN ANTONIO – The debate over whether a hot dog is a taco or sandwich is an age-old one. It is also a great way to start office arguments or debates on Facebook that do not involve politics.

But what if an enchilada was considered sushi?

That is the idea behind The Cube Rule. It is a diagram tweeted out by a user named @Phosphatide, who goes only by the name Brandon.


Brandon told The Washington Post the theory isn't actually his but rather came from someone in a chat on a video stream he was watching. He is simply the guy who tweeted it and blew all of our minds.

The Cube Rule diagram is below.

This "science" or "math" would suggest a burrito is a calzone, a sub is not a sandwich but a taco, and nachos are a salad.


All we can think of at this point -- where do tamales fall?

Watch our chat with Washington Post writer Maura Judkis, who interviewed Brandon, along with local San Antonio reaction.