Christina Aguilera Says Being Involved in Disney's 'Amazing' New 'Mulan' Was 'Meant to Be' (Exclusive)

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Christina Aguilera first broke onto the charts when she was 16 with the song "Reflection," off the soundtrack for Disney's animated classic Mulan. Now, nearly 22 years later, Aguilera has a new song for the live-action reimagining of Mulan, and she's feeling the magic of the moment.

The singer stunned in a pink and crimson ensemble as she walked the red carpet at the world premiere of Mulan on Thursday, outside the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, and she stopped to talk with ET's Nischelle Turner about her long history with the beloved Disney property.

"It feels so amazing, just to come full circle as a grown woman who has had an amazing career thus far and to be able to take my children to now the live action movie," Aguilera marveled, adding how rewarding it feels to "do something that I love and I believe in so much."

For Disney's latest take on Mulan, Aguilera has penned a whole new, inspiring ballad, "Loyal Brave True," which unlines the themes of determination, vulnerability, strength and persistence that define the Disney warrior princess -- as well as Aguilera's music itself.

"Being a warrior and a fighter is what has been the thread throughout all the music in my career," she shared. "So to now be bringing that to light once again in such a beautiful film is so amazing, nostalgic and very meant to be."

While Aguilera was just a teen when she sang "Reflection," the songstress is now the mother of two kids of her own -- 12-year-old son Max and 5-year-old daughter Summer -- and Aguilera explained how she was able to include her children in her work on the project.

"They know about Mulan, but they have not seen the live action version yet," explained Aguilera, who wasn't able to bring her kids because the premiere was on a school night. "But they will get their moment to see it. They hear the music, they saw me recording it in the studio, so it's a very beautiful thing to share that with my children now."

Aguilera also reflected on her teenage years and shared what advice she would give her younger self if she could go back in time.

"There were so many things happening at that time, I was so new and green and young and naive to everything," she recalled. "I would probably just say, 'Believe in yourself, you got this, girl!'"

Disney's Mulan hits theaters March 27.


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