11 of the best horror movies, TV shows to stream on Netflix this Halloween

Netflix is ready to scare your socks off

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Since Halloween only comes around once a year, you’ve got to get your horror film binge-watching in while you can.

While a Halloween-themed movie like “Hocus Pocus” can be fun to take in, there is nothing better than getting a good scare on your couch.

Thankfully, Netflix has a slew of horror films. There are classics that defined the genre, and a ton of new scary movies that are blockbuster hits.

Take a look at some of our favorite creepy movies that just might make you scream in horror:

1.) ‘The Haunting of Hill House’

This horror series from Netflix has people squirming and freaked out. Netflix’s adaptation of the story starts out more like a family drama, but slowly turns into scary thrills. Someone even described it as a spooky version of “This Is Us.”

2.) ‘Scream’ TV series

This may not be one of the original “Scream” movies, but these are almost just as good. MTV started a “Scream” TV show, with every episode being a different horror plot, much like how “American Horror Story” works (more on that next).

3.) ‘American Horror Story’

Who knew when producer Ryan Murphy created “American Horror Story” back in 2011 that it would still be around today? “AHS” gives fans twisted and horrifying takes on popular horror genres.

There’s been a haunted house, a coven, an apocalypse, an insane asylum and more. Actors such as Sarah Paulson, Jessica Lange and Kathy Bates show up multiple times as different characters throughout this anthology series, and it’s hard to imagine the landscape of TV without it. You can binge all the seasons on Netflix.

4.) ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’

When Netflix announced it was creating a new version of “Sabrina the Teenage Witch,” children of the ’90s collectively got super excited.

What Netflix delivered, however, is far from the Melissa Joan Hart teen comedy we were expecting. Instead, Netflix went full horror with Sabrina, and based the series off the Sabrina comic book strip. It’s a more devilish version of Sabrina, and Kiernan Shipka (who you may remember as little Sally Draper in “Mad Men”) is having so much fun playing this devilish version of Sabrina. It’s a must-watch.

5.) ′1922′

There’s a reason so many of Stephen King’s books end up as movies. His novella, called “1922″ was made into a movie in 2017 and joins the countless other King movies that defy the horror genre. The movie is about a father who convinces his son to help kill his wife, only to have it all blow up in his face, as he’s haunted by the memory of his dead spouse. It’s a chilling story, and one you’ll want to watch this Halloween.

6.) ‘The Invitation’

You’d think that an invite to an intimate dinner party would be completely normal, but not in this movie.

The story follows a man who is visiting his ex-wife’s house for a dinner party with old friends and his new girlfriend. Just like any good horror film, things become ... a lot different once the party begins.

7.) ‘The House of the Witch’

Clearly, the kids in this movie never learned from their parents not to go into a creepy, abandoned house, because that’s exactly what happens in this thriller.

Once the group of teens breaks into this creepy house, you can probably assume who shows up to wreak havoc on them. It’s basically “Hocus Pocus,” except a whole lot scarier.

8.) ‘The Haunting of Bly Manor’

This Netflix original series came out in early October and had people who love scary movies hooked right away. The series is a follow-up to “The Haunting of Hill House,” and is the second installment in “The Haunting” series.

Much like other horror TV series, it’s an anthology, so the seasons aren’t related. If you liked “Hill House,” you will love “Bly Manor.”

9.) ‘Cult of Chucky’

Just like the “Scream” movies, we wish all of the “Chucky” movies were on Netflix, but “Cult of Chucky” is the newest installment of the horror franchise -- and it’s pretty scary. Plus, there is a cameo from the brilliant Jennifer Tilly, who plays Chucky’s girlfriend, Tiffany.

10.) ‘House of 1,000 Corpses’

Is there anything better than Rob Zombie and a scary movie? This 2003 horror film was Zombie’s directorial debut, and it’s a whacky ride. If you’ve never seen it, it’s a dark comedy horror film, and comedic actors like Rainn Wilson from “The Office” and Chris Hardwick are even in it.

11.) ‘Hush’

Sometimes the scariest thing can be silence, and “Hush" does an incredible job of freaking you out using your sense of hearing. A deaf woman has to try and escape from a person who is trying to break in to her home and kill her. It’s thrilling, and it will undoubtedly have your heart racing.

Bonus: ‘The Silence of the Lambs’

This is a no-brainer during the month of October, right?

Some might even argue that it’s one of the best scary movies ever made. Jodie Foster’s Oscar-winning performance still holds up, and Anthony Hopkins’s Hannibal Lector is legendary. It’s also a great way to introduce the movie to a future horror-loving film nerd like yourself.


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