Dionne Warwick has been roasting celebrities on Twitter all weekend and it’s the funniest thing to happen this year

There’s a new queen of Twitter

Dionne Warwick performing in 2017. (Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Tribeca Film Festival) (Theo Wargo, 2017 Getty Images)

We all know the diva of soul music and living legend Dionne Warwick.

She’s responsible for hits like “That’s What Friends Are For” and “I Say A Little Prayer.”

Well, thanks to her excessive tweeting over this past weekend, she’s about to be known as an absolute savage on Twitter, too.

Warwick has always been funny on Twitter, but on Saturday night, she decided to air some of her grievances with the names that some artists chose for themselves. More specifically, she called out Chance The Rapper and The Weeknd.

Warwick first came for Chance The Rapper, questioning why his stage name has “the rapper” in it when it’s pretty obvious by his music that he raps. She then hilariously decided to use a new stage name for herself.

Honestly, I don’t hate it.

She then came for The Weeknd with a series of hilarious tweets.

People on Twitter were cracking up as Warwick dragged Chance The Rapper and The Weeknd, and guess what? Warwick didn’t have time for them, either. Even her son told her to calm it down.

She said what she said!

Warwick admitted she was just having some fun on Twitter and loves the music that both artists create. Chance The Rapper even tweeted at her, saying he was shocked she even knew who he was.

And in case any haters thought she was being mean-spirited, she clarified that she was just having some fun.

So, what is the moral of the story? Clearly, if you have a Twitter account and you aren’t following living legend Dionne Warwick, what are you doing? Click that follow button now, honey!

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