Why your kids are revved up about the Fortnite update

Stock image/Photo by Sarah Stier (Getty Images)

A long-awaited update for Fortnite looks like it is finally getting the green light.

After a few delays, regular cars is going to be added to Fortnite by Epic Games on Wednesday, according to Engadget.

While Fortnite’s map has had bikes, hoverboards, planes and shopping carts, cars have been absent until now.

There will be four types of cars to choose for cruising around the map, those being the Islander Prevalent, Victory Motors Whiplash, OG Bear pickup truck and Titano Mudflap. They each come with a radio playlist featuring hit songs from Drake, Ariana Grande, Marshmello and several more popstars.

The cars appear to have gas tanks and will need to refilled.

Epic Games was forced to delay the update due to technical problems, leading to weeks of speculation over when the update will arrive. No word on how long the cars will stick around. The current season ends on Aug. 26.

Here’s the trailer video for the “Joyride” update:

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