Did you catch these? Here are the Super Bowl commercials we loved

Jessica Long of the U.S. is seen after winning the gold medal in the Women's 200m Individual Medley in the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games on Sept. 17, 2016 in Rio de Janeiro. (Buda Mendes, Getty Images)

Whether you’re into the big game or not, many of us can agree: The Super Bowl commercials are what make the day extra fun.

It was a bit of a different year, as some of the bigger advertisers -- for example, Budweiser, Coke, Pepsi and Hyundai -- decided they wouldn’t be running ads.

But in a way, that opened the door for others.

Here are some of the commercials that stuck with us especially.

This soothing Jeep spot, that reminded us of the current political and social climate

Jeep told us we’re strong, we’re connected, and still in search of common ground.

The commercial was set at the U.S. Center Chapel in Kansas, and spoke about crossing our current divide. It was very powerful and moving. It felt hopeful and forward-looking, and definitely caught and held our attention.

This star-studded State Farm commercial

Paul Rudd, Patrick Mahomes (who was obviously starring in the game, as well), Aaron Rodgers and “Drake from State Farm”?

Very cool.

This emotional adoption story

Just try not to tear up at this Toyota spot, featuring U.S. Paralympic swimmer Jessica Long.

“We believe there is hope and strength in all of us.”

This Sesame Street jingle

The commercial was actually for DoorDash, but we think the message, promoting community and neighborhood, resonated no matter where you live.

Plus, actor and rapper Daveed Diggs was the perfect star. He tweeted, “Big time debut with an even bigger bird.” Cute!

This one that will most certainly make you giggle

Did you know Norway sells more electric vehicles per capita than the U.S.? Well, that’s the premise of this GM commercial, starring Will Ferrell, Awkwafina and Kenan Thompson.

A lot of work went into this one, and you can really tell. We laughed. We’re betting you will, too.

This relatable-as-heck Cheetos commercial

Starring Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher and Shaggy, we only have three words: “It wasn’t me.”

This quick ad that was so short, you might have missed it

A for effort, Reddit.

Short but simple -- and effective, we think.

This sweet Huggies spot

Babies, babies and babies. Well, what else would you expect from a diaper brand?

This one made us smile and say “awww.”

What were your favorites?