Did you adopt a pet during the pandemic? We want to see

Did you get a pandemic pup? (Jack Roskopp photo/GMG)

Being home for those first couple months of the pandemic really made for a lot of free time for some, and wasn’t it the perfect time to adopt a new puppy or kitty?

It seemed like everyone got a new pup or cat when the pandemic started, and we want to see photos of how adorable they are.

It doesn’t matter if you adopted it from a shelter, rescued it or got it from a breeder, we want to see just how adorable the newest member of your family is.

Just post a photo below, and if you really want to get creative, maybe you can post a photo of the day you got them, and a pic of them now.

Who doesn’t love a transformation?

Now, let’s see those puppies and kittens!

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