Here’s 10 TikToks showing what life is like in the Tokyo Olympic Village

Olympians are using social media to showoff their alternate universe in Tokyo

Olympians using TikTok to show off Olympic Village
Olympians using TikTok to show off Olympic Village (TikTok)

TOKYO, JAPAN – The 2020 Olympics have brought a different energy compared to its previous games, especially with the removal of cheering fans from the stands and COVID protocols in place. The hype has been reduced, and fans are yearning for the experience of an in-person Olympics, but they may be in luck.

Olympians are sharing snippets and exclusive pieces of their lives through TikTok videos. The short videos have fascinated the world that continues watching the games from home and remain curious about the lives of these elite athletes. Some of the most notable athletes using TikTok to their advantage and growing a a fanbase include Tom Daley and Tilly Kearns and Americans Cody Melphy, Ilona Maher and Eric Shoji.

Videos tagged #olympicvillage have gained 60 million views so far. Olympians don’t fail to mention sustainability, meals and vending machines, sanitation and more in their viral videos, either. The fist glimpse fans got of the Olympic Village was the cardboard beds. But now, with videos displaying athletes personalities and days leading up to and during their competitions, viewers are seeing more than what athletes sleep on.

Take a look at 10 sneak peeks Olympians are giving fans of life in Tokyo Olympic Village:


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