New professional theater company opening in San Antonio this weekend

San Antonio Broadway Theatre starting performances at the Jo Long Theatre

San Antonio Broadway Theatre is kicking off their debut season with “Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story”

San Antonio – Lauren Cosio Kotkowski, a local actress, started San Antonio Broadway Theatre earlier this year after discovering what she calls a ”need for more theater scene.”

“San Antonio a is such a big Art scene already, I decided I want to open my own theater and bring professional theater and local theater together. The goal of the theater is to bring professional actors from out of state, from Broadway, to come in and merge with the already amazing actors that we have here in San Antonio.” Cosio Kotkowski said.

Lauren Cosio Kotkowski - Owner/Producer San Antonio Broadway Theater (KSAT 2021)

The company is kicking off its debut season with “Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story.” The cast is comprised of local actors as well as professional actors who have done this show before in other states.

Cosio Kotkowski says she hopes to find stories that San Antonio audiences can relate to in the future when selecting shows.

“I am Latina myself, and the community here is such a vibrant Latino community, and so when choosing these shows that we are doing for future productions, I want things that the audience can relate to, even doing shows in Spanish or things like that that connect to our strong Hispanic community here in San Antonio.”

Stills from Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story (KSAT 2021)

Performances are this weekend only at the Jo Long Theatre. Tickets are $35 for General Admission and $25 for Student/Military/Medical Field. For more information about San Antonio Broadway Theatre and to purchase tickets, click here.

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