New treatment promises to get rid of frown lines permanently

MIAMI (Ivanhoe Newswire) – Most of us have heard of Botox to smooth away wrinkles, but the effects are temporary. Now a new treatment using heat promises to get rid of those frown lines, permanently.

Elizabeth Sanzone talks about the wrinkles that pop up when she furrows her brow.

“People have the tendency to tell me that I’m mad when I’m not,” Sanzone told Ivanhoe.

Miami-based plastic surgeon Adam Rubinstein, M.D., FACS said most people develop frown lines over time.

“People call them the 11’s,” said Dr. Rubinstein.

He said now there’s a new way to get rid of those wrinkles for good. It’s called ThermiRase, an FDA-approved treatment that uses radio frequency energy to destroy the nerve.

“If you are able to knock the nerves out that make the muscle do that, then you won't be able to get those lines anymore,” explained Dr. Rubinstein.

First, a probe is used to locate the nerves to be treated. Local anesthesia is injected to numb the area. Then the heat goes to work.

Dr. Rubinstein said, “The energy gets into the tissue through this little metal tip on the cannula and raises the temperature.”

It’s eighty-five degrees Celsius to be exact and Dr. Rubinstein details that, “The temperature is enough to damage the nerve and stop it from working.”

Dr. Rubinstein said the heat is kept in a safe range so there’s no risk of burns. Unlike Botox, which paralyzes the nerve and lasts for about three months, ThermiRase can last a lifetime.

“Once this works, it works forever,” said Dr. Rubinstein.

This is erasing Sanzone’s frown lines and giving her something to smile about.

ThermiRase takes about an hour and swelling usually lasts about two weeks. It can be costly at around $2,500 and experts recommend you make sure it’s done by a board certified plastic surgeon.

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