Bad breath causes & solutions

MIAMI, Fla. (Ivanhoe Newswire) – We have all experienced bad breath, but is there an easy fix for freshness or is it a sign of a more serious problem?

Lots of things cause bad breath, but how do … or do you tell someone? Truth is bad breath can be a serious problem.

David Genet, DMD, a periodontist in South Florida, said “The trick with bad breath is actually finding the origin.”

He also said the best way to do that is in the dentist’s chair. “The majority of concerns are of dental or oral origin, meaning they happen right here in the mouth,” Genet said.

Cavities, gum disease, and impacted wisdom teeth that accumulate food and bacteria are the most common culprits.

Genet told Ivanhoe, “That bacteria, when it overgrows, causes bad breath.”

But there are other reasons your breath may not be so sweet, especially if you’re stressed out.

“When we’re stressed, our homeostatic relationships in our bodies are not working as well, therefore we get an overgrowth of bacteria, dry mouth,” Genet explained.

Even some foods you don’t suspect may be causing the problem.

“Like meat and cheese that react with amino acids and bacteria in your mouth,” Genet said.

What’s Dr. Genet’s secret? Sugar free lemon drops. He expressed it was because “The lemon stimulates saliva.”

Another quick fix? According to Dr. Genet, “Rinsing your mouth with water, drinking water and swishing it around in your mouth.” So you can say bye to bad breath.

Dental problems become more frequent as we get older, so Dr. Genet encourages people over the age of 50 to visit their dentist four times a year instead of twice. Check the American Dental Association for more tips on fixing bad breath at

Contributors to this news report include: Janna Ross, Field Producer; Roque Correa, Editor; Judy Reich, Videographer.

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