Energy drink consumption leaves hole in head of new father

(Justin Sullivan / Getty Images)

A new father is reportedly struggling to live his life after his energy drink consumption left him with a hole in his skull after he was involved in accident.

AOL reports a woman named Brianna posted her and her husband Austin's story in a since-deleted Facebook post, detailing the family's battle.

While Brianna was nine months pregnant with their first child, she received a phone call that Austin had an accident and was in the hospital.

PICTURES: See pictures of Austin, Brianna and their baby boy

Austin had suffered a brain hemorrhage.

Doctors were able to eliminate alcohol or drugs as the cause of the hemorrhage, and later confirmed it was Austin's excessive consumption of energy drinks that led to his condition.

Briana says Austin's energy drink habit came from working long hours and commuting.

While it is not explained in Brianna's post, by looking at the photos of the couple together, it appears that part of Austin's skull was removed during his multiple surgeries.

Brianna gave birth to their son while Austin was still in the hospital. Austin woke up for the first time since his accident on the day of his son's birth.

"I had planned on Austin being a part of this huge moment," Brianna said. "Being by my side. Holding my hand. Being there to cut the cord. Being there to welcome our son into the world. It didn't feel right... But a beautiful miracle happened." 

Austin was finally able to see his son two months after his birth and has returned home.

"Our life isn't normal. There are doctors visits and hospital trips- so many that I loose count. But we are here. Fighting," Brianna wrote. "I wake up every day to take care of our beautiful little boy and my husband. I prepare the meals, do physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy. I help him with personal hygiene. I help him walk. I help him with every aspect of his life. And in between these tasks I take care of our very busy eight month old. It is hard, and I am tired, but we make the most of it. He isn't the same man I fell in love with, but I still fall further everyday, We are fighting to help him recover. To make his life better. One day we will get there. Until then, I will never give up on him. Because love is selfless, and I love him more than life itself."