Lose weight by cutting out sugary drinks

HealthTexas provides helpful tips on how to maintain your weight


SAN ANTONIODo you find yourself wanting to lose some weight? 

HealthTexas has some helpful tips on how to lose weight simply by cutting out some drinks and food.

Below is a chart that shows you how many calories are in specific drinks. 


Using the guide above, cutting out one can of soda each day can help you lose over one pound every month.

It's very important to monitor how many drinks you consume and how many calories each specific drink is by looking at their nutrition labels.

Helpful tip--- drink all the water you want! There are no calories!

Maintain a healthy lifestyle by making simple choices: 

  • 1 pound of body fat = 3500 calories
  • 12 ounce can of sugary so
  • 8 drink = 150 calories
  • 6” Flour tortilla = 110 calories
  • 6” Corn tortilla = 70 calories
  • An average slice of sandwich bread = 80-90 calories

Cutting out one tortilla a day, depending on type is about ¾-1 pound, same for a single piece of bread each day.

For more healthy tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, visit healthtexas.org.

Information courtesy of HealthTexas.

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