It's National Senior Health and Fitness Day

SAN ANTONIO – Wednesday is the 26th annual National Senior Health and Fitness Day. 

The day, sponsored by a group by the same name, is celebrated on the last Wednesday of May. 

Their goal, as indicated on their website is "to keep older Americans healthy and fit." 

They sponsor events across the U.S. where seniors can get active and also check in on their health. 

Here are a few tips for seniors on staying active, from Kyle-based health and welllness company Aging is Cool: 

  • Choose Low impact exercises. Walking and swimming are perfect!
  • Avoid isolation. Staying social is crucial to our mental health.
  • Challenge your brain in different ways. If you do crosswords every day, switch it out. Try word searches and sudoku instead.
  • Drink plenty of water. Most headaches that we get can be cured by simply drinking more water.
  • Treat your body like a fine car! Put good quality fuel in it, don't let it sit in the garage for long periods and, of course, get it inspected often!

Locally, the YMCA of Greater San Antonio offers classes for active older adults. Find out more about those by clicking here.