Pizza can be healthier choice in the morning than cereal, according to nutritionist

We’ll show you how to do it right

Can pizza actually be a healthy food to eat for breakfast?

According to dietitian and nutritionist Chelsey Amer, yes it can.

According to the site Simplemost, Amer said pizza contains nutrients such as carbohydrates, protein and fat that can help you get the day started -- although there are a few catches, according to Amer and fellow nutritionists Paul Salter and Rebecca Cafiero, who were cited in the article.

One tip to keep things relatively healthy: Use whole wheat or cauliflower crust for fiber and red sauce over white. And two, use vegetables or lean meats such as chicken, turkey sausage or Canadian bacon for toppings instead of fatty meat and fried toppings.

Finally, try to use a dairy-free cheese, such as an almond milk cheese.

Through these steps, pizza can actually be a healthier alternative than a traditional box of cereal in the morning.

Who knew?

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