Help support animals during COVID-19, in the ‘KSAT Community-Animal Defense League of Texas 100 Facebook Fundraising Challenge’

ADL operates as the oldest no-kill shelter in San Antonio

KSAT Community ADL 100 Facebook Fundraising Challenge | KSAT12
KSAT Community ADL 100 Facebook Fundraising Challenge | KSAT12

SAN ANTONIO – Despite continuing to serve the animals in need within our community, The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically impacted the Animal Defense League’s fundraising initiatives.

ADL was required to postpone its largest annual fundraiser which was to take place on March 19th. Postponing this event to the fall immediately halted the infusion of approximately $150,000 in much-needed donor contribution for the organization.

“Given the current economic downturn and general uncertainty, ADL is experiencing a below-average response across all fundraising initiatives including our spring mailer campaign. This has led to a substantial decrease in the funding needed to support our strategic, lifesaving initiatives,” said Joel McLellan, Executive Director for the Animal Defense League.

ADL has grown its efforts and is now by volume the second-largest rescuer of animals saving the lives of just under 6,000 pets in 2019.

“Our organization has taken quick and decisive steps to maintain our care standards while keeping our staff safe but will need increased funding assistance," said McLellan. "We are asking for the support of our incredible community by participating in our fundraising competition”.

KSAT Community and the Animal Defense League of Texas have teamed up to create the KSAT Community-Animal Defense league 100 Facebook Fundraising Challenge!

ADL is asking the community to leverage their friends and family to help raise donations for the otherwise helpless animals in need by creating a Facebook fundraiser based on a personal story of how an animal has changed their life.

How can I participate in the challenge?

The first-ever “ADL 100 Facebook Fundraiser Challenge” is a peer to peer competition to raise the most funds on behalf of ADL. The competition starts on March 27 and ends May 1. ADL hopes to have at least 100 individuals sign up to make a Facebook challenge.

“We are now seeing a very soft response to our first quarter mailer campaign due to economic uncertainty, further driving funding for our programs," said Joel McLellan, executive director for Animal Defense League of Texas. “General donations at the time of adoption are occurring less often and when made, are of smaller amounts.”

ADL has grown its efforts and is now by volume the second-largest rescuer of animals from ACS and within the next 12 months will move to becoming the largest.

"The organization is now forced to consider drastic and unprecedented measures including reduced hours. Ultimately our margins have been devastated and we will face the new reality of operating in a limited capacity.

ADL operates as the oldest no-kill shelter in San Antonio.

KSAT Community and the Animal Defense League of Texas have teamed up to create the KSAT Community and Animal Defense League Challenge asking the community to help raise donations for helpless animals in need.

The person who raises the most funds with ADL named as the beneficiary will be awarded a VIP experience at ADL’s annual gala. The VIP experience will include two seats at the coveted honoree’s table, a surprise gift package, dinner, valet parking and more!

To create a Facebook fundraiser click here.

Don’t have a Facebook account but want to participate in fundraising for ADL?

ADL has another challenge just for you!

The ADL $10 Challenge is another fun and easy way our community can participate by visiting and click on the $10 challenge button.

If every visitor to ADL’s website donated $10.00, the community participation would generate the funding necessary to sustain its programs through the remainder of the year.

How can I donate to ADL

Venmo: @animaldefenseleagueoftexas


Phone: 210-655-1481, Ext:100

How does your $10 help ADL?

· One can of puppy or kitten formula

· Intake vaccination for a rescue pet

· One month of deworming and flea and tick prevention

· Enough canned wet food to make “meat balls” needed to administer medication in pill form for a day.

· One LRS IV bag to save a life

· Two toys made available to our pets to help with in-kennel enrichment

“The hope is that our community will band together, leverage their social network of family and friends to help ensure ADL can continue its mission to save lives and unite deserving pets with their forever families," said McLellan. “We wanted to create a fun and easy way for our supporters to participate, knowing we as a community are all facing the same economic uncertainty. Our hope is that by everyone chipping in, these smaller amounts will lead to big changes in the lives of S.A animals.”

For more information, visit or call the Animal Defense League of Texas at 210-655-1481

KSAT Community operates in partnership with University Health System, Energy Transfer and Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union.

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