KSAT Community Giving Tuesday: Taking Care of Home

Help support nonprofits during COVID-19

Giving Tuesday
Giving Tuesday

SAN ANTONIO – Our local nonprofits in San Antonio need help from the community now more than ever due to COVID-19 affecting its daily operations.

With an overwhelming response from the community, 36 nonprofit organizations reached out to KSAT Community to be potentially featured for Wishlist Wednesday.

Instead of highlighting one nonprofit for Wishlist Wednesday this week, KSAT Community will be hosting Giving Tuesday to help 36 organizations.

If you would like to learn more about how Taking Care of Home needs support during the pandemic, please see below on the Q&A from the nonprofit.

Q. What is the mission/goal of the nonprofit?

A. Our mission is to assist and encourage low-income individuals and homeless women and children within our community to succeed and become productive. This mission will be accomplished by providing the resources and opportunities through our “Home Placement” and “Life Skills” programs.

Q. How does the nonprofit help the community?

A. By connecting community members to resources to improve their quality of life. Provide volunteer opportunities to enhance community involvement. Also, by providing individuals with daily supplies needed.

Q. How has COVID-19 impacted your nonprofit?

A. Being locating in the North East side of San Antonio, resources are hard to come by for individuals needing assistance. The wrath of COVID-29 has caused for many people to lose their job, health insurance, access to food along with many life-altering repercussions. Many individuals are unaware of where to look for assistance and resources, which is one of many things our nonprofit assists with. Due to COVID-19, we are unable to fully engage in community outreach and assist all those who need help. We are unable to organize in community projects that benefit the community such as, our local community garden and other life skills programs. With reduced hours for our employee’s our organization is struggling financially to provide community support as well as our own overhead.

Q. Do you need volunteers?

A. Yes. Volunteers will be needed to distribute these products to community members in need.

Q. What type of donations do you need?

A. Financial donations, toiletries supplies(toothbrush, toothpaste, feminine products), diapers, wipes, children puzzles and coloring books.

Q. How can the community help?

A. Community members can help by making a donation on our website, contacting our agency to sign up to be a volunteer or donating any of the items needed.



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If you are a nonprofit that is in need of support, click here to make a submission.

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