KSAT Community Giving Tuesday: The DoSeum

Help support nonprofits during COVID-19

Giving Tuesday
Giving Tuesday

SAN ANTONIO – Our local nonprofits in San Antonio need help from the community now more than ever due to COVID-19 affecting its daily operations.

With an overwhelming response from the community, 36 nonprofit organizations reached out to KSAT Community to be potentially featured for Wishlist Wednesday.

Instead of highlighting one nonprofit for Wishlist Wednesday this week, KSAT Community will be hosting Giving Tuesday to help 36 organizations.

If you would like to learn more about how The DoSeum needs support during the pandemic, please see below on the Q&A from the nonprofit.

Q. What is the mission/goal of the nonprofit?

A. Through joyful learning and discovery, The DoSeum Experience grows curious minds, connects families, and transforms communities. As a premier informal educational resource, we cultivate curious, innovative learners capable of mastering the opportunities of tomorrow.

Q. How does the nonprofit help the community?

A. The DoSeum is a resource to power up kids’ minds and support the important work of our schools and community organizations. While the physical doors of The DoSeum have been closed during this pandemic, our charge to promote joyful learning, invite discovery, spark interest, and develop positive attitudes towards learning across critical content areas - including STEM, the arts, and literacy - remains the same.

The DoSeum is continuing to support joyful learning for our kids and families remotely. Our Education and Marketing teams are continually creating content for our “Do It At Home” resource website and planning interactive activities for children and caregivers through our social media channels. Storytelling, Q&A days, and printable content have been prioritized to ensure that young minds remain at play. We know parents are at home juggling multiple responsibilities and we want to be an invaluable partner in providing tools and resources for the learning and discovery to continue.

Q. How has COVID-19 impacted your nonprofit?

A. A secondary crisis will emerge long after COVID-19 has been contained and a vaccine developed. Studies analyzing the long-term impacts of childhood experiences, trauma, and educational pauses are clear: children will be at risk for significant loss of school-year-gains over the coming months at an unprecedented level. Furthermore, the impact will disproportionately and negatively affect low-income children affected by a caregiver’s job loss (Huff Stevens & Schaller, 2011) and children who lack access to supplemental educational resources or caregivers able to take over academic instruction (Slates, Alexander, Entwisle, & Olson, 2012).

The DoSeum is actively mitigating these long-term effects of COVID-19 by developing “DO It At Home”, digital content for children and families to do together to supplement at-home education, stemming learning loss and supporting caregivers. Curiosity, ingenuity, and critical thinking skills must remain sharp in order to ensure that when school resumes, children are prepared to continue their formal education journey. Additionally, it remains imperative that The DoSeum can resume operations as soon as it is safe to do so (with admissions discounts in place for low-income families), with the resources in place to maintain current staff at the ready to transition from digital education back to hands-on learning.

Q. What type of donations do you need?

A. The community’s support is vital during this time to help The DoSeum continue to support our families and educators. We ask the community to consider making a donation today help The DoSeum continue to provide hands-on, interactive experiences for our families to do at home!

Q. Do you need volunteers?

A. During this time, our greatest need remains financial support to allow our educators to continue to create and share interactive activities to families and educators.

Q. How can the community help?

A. During these uncertain times, we turn to our community, to help ensure that the learning, discovering, and DOING continues in the homes of our families, community, and educators! Make a gift today and have an impact on the lives of families and educators in our community.



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